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    Linyi Hedong Feilong Hardware Tool Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]

    [Abstract]Hedong District, Linyi Feilong hardware tools factory is a hardware and tool enterprises, is approved by the relevant departments of the state registration of enterprises. The main garden tools, the company is located in Hedong District, Linyi, China Linyi Hedong District, Shandong Taiping Town, West Lake village. Hedong District, Linyi Feilong hardware tool factory in line with the "customer first, integrity first" principle, with a number of enterprises established long-term cooperative relations. Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to come to visit, inspect and discuss business.

    Main Products:Main garden tools


    Linyi Jingli Hardware Tools Factory [Production enterprises]

    [Abstract]The main production of steel pipe wrench wrench olecranon clamp quick chain tongs wrench, single arm adjusting bolt cutters, the European arm regulating bolt cutter arm adjusting bolt cutters connected machine, DC inverter argon arc welding machine, argon arc welding machine, AC DC arc welding machine, portable AC arc welding machine And other products, with "quality first, reputation first, honesty, mutual benefit" business purposes, won the majority of customer support and new, in various provinces and cities nationwide resume a stable sales network. We adhere to the quality of products, the lowest price, perfect customer service for the purpose of business, and constantly open up new and innovative, wholeheartedly welcome new customers at home and abroad to guide the negotiations, and seek common development, create brilliant.

    Main Products:The production of pipe clamp


    Linyi Jinma Hardware Tools Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]

    [Abstract]Linyi Jinma Hardware Tools Co., Ltd. is located in Hedong District, Linyi, Shandong. The main planer, electric planer, hand planer, saw blade, and various kinds of special-shaped machinery. Companies adhering to the "customer first, enterprising" business philosophy, adhere to the "customer first" principle for the majority of customers to provide quality service. Welcome patronage!

    Main Products:Electric planer, paper cutter, rotary cutter, food machinery blade


    Shanxi boyu diamond tools co., LTD [Production enterprises]

    [Abstract]Main glass cutting tools, hardware tools, glass cutter, glass sucker glass, diamond core drills for ceramic tile cutting knife wheel, etc

    Main Products:Main glass cutting tools, hardware tools, glass knives, glass sucker hole opener, ceramic tile cutter wheel, etc..


    Zhejiang Huafeng Electric Tools Co.,ltd [Production enterprises]

    [Abstract]Zhejiang Huafeng Electric Tools Co.ltd establlshed in 1982,after more than 30 years growth,now we become one of the largest electric tools manufacturers in China,we are speciallzed and experienced on OEM & ODM, producing&Exporting bench tops, portable tools,garden tools,more than 3.7 million pleces to the world every year, and the annual turnover reach to 80 million USD. We serve all kinds of customers, from DIY to seml-professional, even to professional level, and keep a stable quality and low warranty all the time.

    Main Products:Angle grinder, miter saw, garden tools


    Haining Yanguan Shuangsheng Hardware Factory [Production enterprises]

    [Abstract]Haining salt official Shuang Sheng Hardware Factory was founded in 1994. It is located in the Yangtze River Delta region of China. It is located in the center of Shanghai and Hangzhou. There are Pudong International Airport, Hongqiao International Airport, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, Beilun port, Shanghai port and other large international aviation, shipping hub, Expressway and railway. The enterprise has been engaged in the hardware industry for seventeen years, and has accumulated and developed for many years. Now it has rich experience in the production and processing of various kinds of hardware products. At present, the main products are exported to foreign countries and are in the leading position in the same industry. The main business model is the most potential new e-commerce business model, relying on the most potential. The existing B2B e-commerce platforms expand the e-commerce business at home and abroad.

    Main Products:Various types of hardware


    Linyi Hedong District binghua Hardware Tools Sales Department [Production enterprises]

    [Abstract]The factory was built in 1983, is the production and development of individual enterprises, the main production of various kinds of hammers and crowbars axe, the other can sample processing. Telephone consultation, the company Bingzhe integrity cooperation principle of service customers.

    Main Products:All kinds of hammers and crowbars axe etc.


    NINGBO SANZHENG PLASTIC CO., LTD. [Production enterprises]

    [Abstract]Ningbo Sanzheng Plastic Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of various kinds of nylon cable tie, tie wire, cable fixing head, winding tube, yellow wax tube, plum tube, expansion tube, , Positioning film, pressure cap and various models of cold-pressed plastic terminal equipment such as the development, production and sales of enterprises, and the company has developed a special for children's entertainment flat button nylon cable ties.   Ningbo Sanzheng Plastic Co.,Ltd. is located in Yuyao Economic Development Zone, close to China (Yuyao) Mold City and China (Yuyao) Plastic City. Relying on exquisite mold development technology and advantaged raw material advantages, Tonnage injection molding machine to produce a small gram of the product really quality and cheap. Products sold at home and abroad more than 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities and Southeast Asia, Europe, the Americas, Hong Kong, Macao and other regions, and some large enterprises at home and abroad to establish a long-term supply and demand. The company always adhere to the "quality, keeping promises, the user first" business philosophy to the best product quality, the most reasonable product prices in good faith return of old and new customers

    Main Products:Various styles of nylon bandage, wire ligature, cable fixed head, winding pipe, yellow wax pipe, plum blossom tube, expansion pipe, guide tube, R type clamp, positioning piece, press cap and various cold pressing end plastic wiring equipment


    Linyi Rui Yuan Hardware Tools Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]

    [Abstract]Linyi Rui source hardware tools Co., Ltd. is a professional production and processing enterprises, the main garden tools hand saw, folding saw, bending the saw, the branch cut and other garden tools for the enterprise. The company has excellent equipment and strong technical force. Is a specialized production of various garden tools, the existing "the board" and "Shunda" player saw, "Tokuno Suke" brand folding saw. The products are exported to three northeastern provinces, northwest provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and southeastern coastal cities, and have established good business relations with many foreign trade companies, which are deeply loved by our customers. All employees in the company adhere to the spirit of "perseverance and pioneering spirit". We aim to provide first-class products and services for the new and old customers with the spirit of "reputation, quality, low price, service for customers, mutual benefit and win-win". Welcome new and old customers to visit and discuss business.

    Main Products:The main hand saw, folding saw, bending the saw, cut fruit and other garden tools


    Hedong east multi - force hardware tool factory. [Production enterprises]

    [Abstract]Hedong east multi - force hardware tool factory.production of the hedong district is a cross wrench, a three-prong spanner, a compass spanner, a connecting rod, a sliding rod, a curved rod, and a variety of sleeve accessories. Manual repair tools, scythes, hardware tools hardware tools hardware tools set of machine repair socket wrench auto repair tool kit, welcome customers to come to negotiate and order. Welcome people from all walks of life to visit and negotiate. We promise to provide you with good service as always.

    Main Products:It mainly produces cross wrench, trench wrench, Luo knife spanner, connecting rod, slide rod, bending rod and various sleeve accessories.


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