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    Ningbo HaoJin Conduit Co.,Ltd. [Production enterprises]

    [Abstract]Ningbo Haojin Conduit Co., Ltd., is located in Yuyao Jiangnan Plumbing City, which has a beautiful title as 'China Water Heating Land'. We are specialized in manufacturing various types of metal shower hoses (copper, stainless steel), knitted hoses, PVC hoses and hose equipment. Our company has first class production lines and professional technicians. Strictly holding the product quality, we make great efforts to improve the brand of 'Haojin'. We have already won the reputation from customers with best service and reasonable price. We are now developing overseas market and our products have been sold to Europe, America, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. We warmly welcome customers from home and abroad to cooperate with us for prosperous future. We are willing to provide our best service and price to our customers.

    Main Products:Ningbo Haojin Conduit Co., Ltd., is located in Yuyao Jiangnan Plumbing City, which has a beautiful title as 'China Water Heating Land'. We are specialized in manufacturing various types of metal shower hoses (copper, stainless steel), knitted hoses, PVC hoses and hose equipment.


    Taizhou haogel sanitary ware co. LTD. [Production enterprises]

    [Abstract]Our company is a professional manufacturer of hose, flower sprinkling, plumbing, racks, hoses and so on. There are single, double faucet, shower head, water mouth and so on. With a complete and scientific quality management system.

    Main Products:Hose, sprinkler, sewer, stacks


    Wenzhou wenhaijie sanitary ware co., ltd [Production enterprises]

    [Abstract]Wenzhou Wen Haijie Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is located in Meitu Town, China's tap production base, Wenzhou, Zhejiang. Convenient transportation and beautiful environment, it is a professional manufacturer of high and medium sanitary products. Since the establishment of the company, the company has been providing technical development, mold development, injection molding, and flower product processing supporting services for shower rooms and leading enterprises. Now, the company has modern equipment, set technology development, mold development, injection molding, assembly molding, full set of technology and technology, in quality and cost. The area is tired of the advantages that the peers are difficult to possess. For many years, the company has been unswerving and unswerving in technological innovation, and has long paid attention to quality control and experience accumulation. Therefore, the company has gained a wide range of praise from the colleagues, and has also obtained a variety of technical patents and certificates of honor. In recent years, the company has been adhering to the "people-oriented" management concept, pioneering, high quality and efficient, training a high-quality staff, developing a large number of new bathroom products, and giving high quality manufacturing technology to the market, in order to accelerate the continuous development of the enterprise. The company has launched the modern personalized Flower Shower brand in brand building, and has received a good reputation in the market. On the basis of the success of many well-known brands, we are willing to share resources, with professional technology and experience, with the spirit and attitude of professionalism, to provide OEM cooperation services for more industry elite, and welcome the design and production of related industries.

    Main Products:Sanitary products


    Cixi Tonghui River sanitary ware factory [Production enterprises]

    [Abstract]Zhou Hui group resume: In 2007, Yuyao Honest hose factory was set up to produce and sell braided tubes and shower pipes. In 2014 the establishment of Foshan wolf Sanitary Ware Co., production and sales of the whole bathroom and kitchen electric products In 2015 the establishment of Yuyao city Lubu Tonghui hardware factory, the production of bathroom hardware In 2016 the establishment of Cixi Tonghui sanitary ware factory, production and sales of shower products In 2017 the establishment of Taizhou Tonghui sanitary ware factory, production and sales of floor drain, sewer series products Zhou Hui group In the Ningbo bathroom industry belt in Zhejiang, Mr. Zhou Zhenliang, the chairman of the company, made the "Zhou Tong Hui group" with more than 10 years, and Tonghui Zhou has become a brand of the company as a trademark. It provides products with high standards, advanced technology and the most reasonable price in the market. It sells more than three regions throughout the country and has a good market feedback. The spirit of the company's internal management concept is professional, advanced, efficient and reasonable. In the years of production and research and development of the craft are: machine processing; cold forming; assembly; coating; forging; tube; extrusion; electroplating; metal stamping; metal casting; surface treatment; knitting; injection; each process has the leading advantages in the country. Raw materials are purchased to select genuine products, and products are controlled by others. According to the quality policy, the company has established an effective running quality system. Through the analysis of the quality ring, the company finds out the technology, management and human factors affecting the product / service, and makes it always in a controlled state in the established quality system to reduce, eliminate or prevent quality defects, and to ensure that the needs and periods of customers are met. Look. From the angle of standardization and universality, we have embodied the idea and principle of total quality management, representing the most advanced modern quality management thought. In order to make the "Zhou products through domestic Tonghui ', British and Australian certification and the corresponding detection. The company actively creates value, dedicate society and share the results with customers. We continue to adhere to the development strategy of professionalization, standardization, scale and humanization. We sincerely welcome you to visit our company and factory. We look forward to working with you to create a win-win situation.

    Main Products:Sprinkler, hose


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