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    [Abstract]The comprehensive high-tech enterprises specializing in the R & D, production and marketing of environmental and healthy electrical appliances have obtained dozens of national invention patents and utility model patents. The products have been identified by the technical monitoring department of the National Technical Supervision Department and passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO140 in 2015. 01 certification of environmental management system. The company has the core invention patent technology of quantum high energy negative oxygen ion particle flow. The high energy, high concentration, small particle size, no pollution, the cosine resonance type of negative oxygen ion particle flow can not only effectively remove the PM2.5, thoroughly purify the air, disinfect and sterilize, but also have the rhythm of human physiological life activity. The resonance of the body can have quantum resonance with human cells and genes. It can directly enter the blood and cells through the respiratory system or the human skin, recharge the oxygen to the human body, repair the diseased cells, restore the vitality of the cells, improve the human immunity and enhance the body's physique, so that the human body has significant physiotherapy and health care and disease preconditioning. Its efficacy has been verified by clinical trials of national medical authority. At present, the company has adopted this technology: mobile oxygen bar series, household negative oxygen ionizing machine series, negative ion magic box series and outdoor PM2.5 purification project. The company is aiming at benefiting human health, and is committed to becoming a leader in the health industry that integrates air purification, physical therapy and health care. In the process of product research and development, we fully integrate technology and design into the human oriented product solutions to meet the needs of different consumer groups, and the "East China billion East" quantum oxygen negative oxygen machine series will be a healthy partner for the vast number of users!

    Main Products:Environmental health electric appliance


    Hebei Fengyan Battery Co., Ltd  [Production enterprises]

    [Abstract]Hebei Fengyan Battery Co., Ltd established in 2006, which is the leading manufacturer for all kinds of Battery, including Maintenance free Automotive Starter Battery, UPS storage battery, Solar Energy Storage Battery, and common lead acid battery, which widely used in Electric Bus, Electric Car and Electric Tricycle, etc. Hebei Fengyan Battery covers an area of 25000M2 with employees over 200, which is located in Ningjin Industry Garden of Hebei province. Our factory already get the authentication from the professional authoritative department, all products are certified by SGS, BV, ISO9001 international quality system. Products sell very well in Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America,Africa and other dozens of countries and regions for many years. We strictly abide by the "quality first, honesty first" business principles, for new and old customers to provide a reliable products’ quality assurance.

    Main Products:Traction battery and plate


    Zhejiang Keqi Cable Co.,Ltd. [Production enterprises]

    [Abstract]Zhejiang Keqi Cable Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise specializing in the production of wire and cable, the company is located in taizhou economic development zone, Zhejiang province. Bayli factory Covers an area of 29000 square meters, the fixed assets of 90 million yuan, annual production capacity of more than 300 million yuan. Bayli group owns the most advanced domestic wire and cable complete sets of production equipment, testing equipment complete, the introduction of high-quality talent, strict scientific management, become the domestic cable industry one of the most potential enterprise. Bayli Group specialized in producing various cables of "Bayli" brand, such as power cables up to 220KV, control cables, cables for electrical equipment, overhead insulated cables, fire-resistant cables for mining, ACCC conductor for power transmission and distribution, AAC conductor, movable cables for wind power generation, nuclear power plant cables, aerospace cables, parallel clustered cables, automotive electric wire, branch cables, special cables etc. Weallin is one of the main suppliers of high-level cables used in various field, like the aircraft industry, railway, subway, iron and steel industry, petrified, electricity industry. Companies adhere to the "excellent quality, good service" as the objective, in line with to the market as the guidance, take the customer as the center of the principle of development of enterprises, through the social from all walks of life friend's concern and support vigorously, actively explore, innovation and enterprising, make efforts for the enterprise fast development, we sincerely welcome the broad masses of customers to visit the company guidance, look forward to sincere cooperation with you.

    Main Products:Cable


    Ningbo Hengchieh Locking Technology Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]

    [Abstract]Ningbo Hengchieh Locking Technology Co., Ltd. is a cabinet lock manufacturer with more than 20 years of history in Ningbo area of China. We specialize in manufacturing all kinds of cabinet locks, hinges, handles, stop devices, cabinet door fittings and other accessories. Our mission statement, "Survival is based on the development of quality products, growth depends on providing honest services" has been the same since the factory was founded. Our management (ISO9001:2000 certified) ensures we employ the latest science and manufacturing technology as well as ensuring that our staff has the up-to-date, professional comprehensive skills training required for quality manufacturing and testing equipment operation.  Our research and development team consists of 8 engineers and 15 engineering technicians. Inside our factory, these skilled engineers integrate industry scientific research with modern development, production and distribution methods to design and produce our products. This R&D team has developed specialized production workshops from our Zinc--Die casting workshop to our nanometer spray painting workshop as well as mainstays of production such as our punching workshop and our polishing workshop. Our extensive and ongoing R&D process allows us to offer high-quality products to our customers today, and stay on the leading edge of the industry tomorrow.  In the recent years, we have expanded production in order to adapt to the growing demand for our products in the market. Our factory is currently 13000 square meters filled with advanced manufacturing equipment. We are innovators in our field committed to the continuous development of new products. Our policy is to "pursue perfection, follow our customers evolving needs, and produce only quality products". These commitments have built our company a good reputation among our customers.  Because we believe that "the products quality of today decide the products marketing of tomorrow", customer satisfaction is of the utmost important to us. Our customer's feedback is treated as the valuable advice it is and as such it is most welcome! We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all of our customers for their continued support! If you are interested in doing business with us, we sincerely welcome you to contact us -- and even come and visit us to evaluate the quality of our products. We look forward to developing new relationships, and will provide you with high-quality products to meet the demands of your business!

    Main Products:All kinds of cabinet locks, hinges, handles, limit devices, cabinet accessories and related accessories.



    [Abstract]Established in 2010, Rizhao SUNRISE Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. specializes in high-tech lighting focusing on city and road lighting solutions.  The company offers traditional light sources such as electrical appliances, lamps, home lighting, office lighting, engineering lighting and LED applications.  Following years of investment and development, the company can satisfy all the customer needs via product development, manufacturing and sales.  The campus is comprised of more than 20 acres, 10,000 square meters of manufacturing space, and capital investment exceeding 50 million RMB. The core advantage of Rizhao SUNRISE Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. is its team of high quality talent that is managed efficiently to reduce unnecessary overhead.  The team is able to help customers develop and establish branding to get a foothold in the market.   Rizhao SUNRISE Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. has recently greatly expanded its infrastructure into LED technology and has quickly become a leader in LED lighting,  In 2015 Rizhao SUNRISE Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. was recognized as a top 100 company in China's lighting industry, and as a national high-tech enterprise in Shandong Provence. RizhaoSUNRISE Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. is consistently looking for ways to expand and grow primarily through research and development initiatives.  Rizhao SUNRISE Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. has also been a key lighting provider in Rizhao city and contributed to both national and local government initiatives, including the "National Torch Program" in Shandong Provence, where we obtained second prize from Shandong Science and Technolgoy Golden Bridge. Rizhao SUNRISE Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. has joined with Shandong Provencial Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Research Institute to host a national level testing center. In 2016, Chinese LED lighting industry has entered a new stage of development. We look forward to work with friends from all over the world.

    Main Products:Various lighting products


    Guangtai Architectural Hardware Products Factory [Production enterprises]

    [Abstract]Kaideshun  hardware  factory  is  specializing  in  suspending  type  slide  of  door  hanging  wheel , as  well  as  accessories . The  products  is  suitable  for  industrial  pulling / pushing  door , folding  door , refrigeratory  heat  preservation  door , suspending  assemble  line . Our  main  products  including  industrial  door  hanging  wheel , slide , assemble  hanging  parts , underside  oriented  wheel , knob , slide  door  barrier , industrial  door  lock , 50 , 70  colored  steel  complex  board  cover  side  ect .For many years , we constantly use advanced manufacturing  facility and up to date mangement mode , we own high—quality  technology managing and researching talent ,professionally design and depelop diversified hanging door  hardware . Being strictly follow state stardard , the products have  sale to both in and out of China and more than 10 countries and  ares , as well as enjoy a good time .We  have  been  insisting  to  the  principle  of  "concentration , devotion , profession" . In  order  to  fit  the  need  of  the  market , we  will  constantly  improve  the  product  function  and  the  trend  to  seriation  and  Diversification .

    Main Products:Specializing in the production of suspension type industrial door wheel rail and accessories


    Zhuji Yilei Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd [Production enterprises]

    [Abstract]Zhuji yilei environmental protection technology co.,ltd is a high pressure sprayer, high-pressure oil free piston pump, high pressure spray nozzle, high pressure connector products such as professional production and processing company, with complete and scientific quality management system. the integrity, strength and product quality of zhuji yilei environmental protection technology co., ltd. are recognized by the industry. welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and business negotiations.

    Main Products:High pressure sprayer, high pressure oil free plunger pump, high pressure nozzle, high pressure joint and so on.


    Yuhuan Kangming Metal Products Co., Ltd [Production enterprises]

    [Abstract]Electronic flamers for professional production

    Main Products:Electronic flamers for professional production


    Anhui Fuji capacitor co. LTD. [Production enterprises]

    [Abstract]The company is located in the mountains and scenery, old times, has a long history, splendid culture of the South Bank of the Yangtze River Ecological Landscape City " ancient Chinese " - Tongling, a beautiful city with her long history, a solid five pillars of industry, and a good reputation at home and abroad of the eight brands, strategic location, convenient transportation; Tongling integrity triple electron Limited company to develop - - design, manufacture and sale of the integration of capacitors professional manufacturers; the existing standards of modern plant of 2428 square meters, senior engineer 12, 189 employees; the main production equipment : automatic cutting machine, automatic winding machine, automatic spraying machine, vacuum impregnation machine; production of various kinds metallized film capacitors 40000000, the main products are CBB60, CBB61CBB66, CBB80, BB99 is the main production; CBB61.CBB60.CBB60.CBB80.CD60A.CD60B. Products are widely used in air conditioners, refrigerator, washing machine, fan, motor, electric tools, pumps, lighting, power grid, automation engineering, as well as a variety of products of high pressure test equipment; ...

    Main Products:Compressor condenser


    Pujiang simba electric appliance co.,LTD. [Production enterprises]

    [Abstract]Simba "is the source of air cooler enterprise, factory direct sales, give you a reasonable price, rest assured the quality, excellent after-sale, simba cooling fan in 2017 developed a new different specifications of the cooling fan, meet the needs of more customers, whether you are dealer, entity operators, electric business, here we can find you a good machine, welcome friends to visit and cooperation!

    Main Products:Cooling fan production enterprise


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