The International Trade Mart District I More than 10,500 booths

    Artificial Flowers, Components for Artificial Flowers, Stuffed Toys, Ordinary Toys, Electric Toys, Inflatable Toys, Hair Ornament, Jewelry & Accessories, Festive Handicrafts, Decorative Handicrafts,Tourist Handicrafts, Photo Frames, Components for Accessories, Porcelain & Crystals

    The International Trade Mart Section V More than 7,000 booths

    Food and Health Food, Clothes, Shoes, Hats, General Merchandise, Jewelry,Accessories and Handicrafts, African and ASEAN Products, Other Imports, Wedding Supplies, Bedding, DIY Handicrafts, Imported goods(Exhibition Center), Knitted Textiles, Raw Materials for Knitting, Curtain Fabric, Car Accessories, Automobile & Motorcycle Parts, Pet (Aquatic) Products, Commodities Distribution, E-commerce Service

    The International Trade Mart District IV More than 16,000 booths

    Leggings, Socks, Hats, Gloves and Mittens, Other Knitted and Cotton Goods, General Merchandise, Towels, Woolen Yarn, Neckties, Shoes, Lace, Threads & Strings, Bras & Underwear, Scarves, Belts, Printed Pictures

    The International Trade Mart District III More than 6,000 booths

    Spring Festival Pictures, Wall Calendars and Couplets, Pens & Ink/ Paper Products, Sports Equipment, Sports and Leisure Products, Educational Toys, Buttons, Zippers, Clothing Accessories, Mirrors and Combs, Cosmetics, Auxiliary Materials and Parts, Cultural and Sports Goods, Office Supplies & Stationery, Printed Pictures, Glasses

    The International Trade Mart District II More than 8,000 booths

    Umbrellas, Ponchos/ Packaging, Suitcase & Bags, Locksets, Products for Electrical Engineering, Hardware Tools & Fittings, Kitchen & Bathroom Hardware, Small Household Appliances, Telecommunication Equipment, Clocks & Watches, Electric Instrument, Photographic, Apparatus, Batteries, Lamps, Flashlights, Boutique Bags & Suitcases, Electronic Products, Hardware Electric Appliances

    Yiwu International Production Materials Market.

    Leather Raw Materials, Lamps, Food Processing Machinery (Hotel Supplies), Hardware, Electric Tools, Printing and Packaging Machinery

    Huangyuan Market about 5,700 booths

    Jeans & Trousers, Men’s Wear, Women’s Dress, Sweater, Pajamas, Children’s Clothes, Sportswear, Chaozhou Wedding Dress, Evening Dress, Imported South Korean Garment

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