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    YUYAO JMAJOR HOSE CO.,LTD [Production enterprises]

    [Abstract]Meijia building sanitary ware factory is a professional engaged in Plumbing hose production enterprises. Company is located in the township of China plumbing - Jiangnan Plumbing City, with a large number of local enterprises are closely linked. The company was founded in 2003, when the main production of various specifications of aluminum wire, titanium wire supply Zhejiang, Fujian production of woven hose.

    Main Products:Plumbing hoses


    Ningbo meishangmei Aluminum Co. Ltd. [Production enterprises]

    [Abstract]Ningbo meishangmei Aluminum Co. Ltd. is a metal building materials, Aluminum Alloy bead, PVC bead, Aluminum Alloy wrapping line, ceramic tile matching accessories and other products of professional production and processing company, has a complete and scientific quality management system. Integrity, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guidance and business negotiation.

    Main Products:Metal materials


    Haining yanguan Zhengfa Metal Products Factory [Production enterprises]

    [Abstract]Our factory is located in the world-famous Guan Chao Shrine, close to Hangzhou-Hangzhou line highway, convenient transportation. Our main production box buckle, lock plate, light hook, sheep eyes, right angle hook, triangle bracket, touch beads, screws, drawer rails, handles, bolts, activities, such as special color steel plate She Bai a variety of specifications, the products are exported North America, Southeast Asia and other 40 countries and regions, praised by users at home and abroad. I plant will be superior quality and good service to win the trust of the new and old customers, warmly welcomes domestic and foreign merchants throughout the visit.

    Main Products:Main production box buckle, lock card, lamp hook, sheep eye, right angle hook, triangle bracket, bead, screw, drawer track, pull hand, bolt, special accessories for movable room color plate, etc.



    [Abstract]Mainly engaged in shelf bracket,drawer slide, bed hinge, corner brace,furniture connector, hasp&staple, A type tower bolt, F type tower bolt,double deck tower bolt,and many metal products. welcome all the customers contact us to establish good business relationship as well as friendship, and cooperate to build a brilliant future jointly.

    Main Products:Furniture building iron products


    Yuyao Jing Feng sanitary ware factory [Production enterprises]

    [Abstract]Yuyao Jing Feng sanitary ware factory is a shower hose, hose, steel products such as professional production and processing company, has a complete and scientific quality management system. Yuyao Jing Feng sanitary ware factory integrity, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guidance and business negotiation.

    Main Products:Shower hose, woven pipe, steel sleeve, etc.


    Yiwu Mao Jie import&ExportCo.,LTD. [Production enterprises]

    [Abstract]The company's production base is located in Renqiu, Hebei, China, which has been the largest industrial base in northern China through 30 years of unremitting efforts in 1983. Our company covers an area of more than 40 thousand square meters, R & D management and the number of staff of more than 300 people. The company's products are sold all over the world.

    Main Products:Sanitary ware


    Wenzhou Qiaoyu Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.  [Production enterprises]

    [Abstract]Sanitary ware

    Main Products:Sanitary ware


    Yueqing Ying Hong plastics Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]

    [Abstract]Yueqing City Ying Hong Electric Co., Ltd. is located in "China electric equipment" in Zhejiang province and Yueqing in Liushi, the beautiful scenery of the National Scenic Area - Yandang Mountain scenic area adjacent to the company is a research and development, production, manufacturing, sales as one of the enterprises, Main nylon tape (cable ties), steel nail line cards, terminals, film, wire cap, winding pipe, expansion pipe, such as wire and cable accessories, products are widely used in electronics, machinery, automobile, motorcycle, bike etc. industries bundled with, convenient use, reasonable price. The company has a complete and scientific quality management system. It has become the first choice for many enterprises and businesses to purchase similar products. The company's integrity, strength and product quality have been recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and business negotiation, create brilliant tomorrow hand in hand!!!

    Main Products:Main business is nylon tie band, steel nail line card, wiring terminal, location piece, pressing cap, winding pipe, expansion pipe and other wire and cable fittings.


    Yuyao longguan plumbing fixtures factory. [Production enterprises]

    [Abstract]Yuyao langcrowed sanitary ware factory was initially developed for more than ten years of water and water sanitary ware. Our factory has a unique advantage, a very neat staff, the company atmosphere is very good, enhance the feelings of the company colleagues and the cohesion of the company, and our factory is located in the Ningbo area of logistics industry, so it can save a lot. Time cost! We can't guarantee that it's the lowest price, but we can guarantee the best quality at the same price. We have been working hard! Thank you very much for coming! In 2015, we began to start in the water and warm sanitary ware production, production of all kinds of towel rack, single double and double wide edge corner frame, active bath towel rack, double sticks, single rod, toilet brush, various bath towel rack four sets, five sets, six sets of big package and other products, our factory has continuous innovative products and various colors collocation, our factory reputation for Ben, credibility Supreme。

    Main Products:All kinds of towel rack, single double and double side and small edge corner frame, active bath towel rack, double toilet, single pole, toilet brush, various towel rack four pieces, five pieces, six sets of big bags and so on


    Wenzhou chunda hardware co., LTD. [Production enterprises]

    [Abstract]Wenzhou chunda hardware co., LTD. (former wenzhou chunda hardware factory) was founded in 1992, focused on pin products technology accumulation and development more than 20 years, and the absorption and digestion of foreign advanced production technology, has been formed highly specialized production scale, with strong production ability, and for all kinds of non-standard research and development ability. Now we produce the International standard ISO, the American standard ANSI,German standard DIN and other marketing products (cotter pins,humped pins, hitch pins, clevis pins, lynch pins,spring pins). Try our best to meet the demand of the customers and providing high quality products, competitive price and timely delivery of products, in addition to domestic automobile, railway, machine tools, household appliances, electric power and other industries supporting services, also has the right of import and export trade, customs number(3303960AFU) are exported to Europe, North America, Oceania and the Middle East and other places, Get deeply domestic and foreign customers trust and praise.Wenzhou chunda hardware in line with "dedicated, professional, excellence, trust" the management idea, to serve the masses of customers wholeheartedly for the purpose, the relentless pursuit of pin type in the field of the highest goal, to create chunda hardware brand.

    Main Products:GB ISO, American Standard ANSI, German standard DIN pin products


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